Indywidualnie dopasowane dywaniki samochodowe EVA

For those who value in-car cleanliness, functionality and authentic design

Dla tych, którzy cenią sobie czystość w samochodzie, funkcjonalność i autentyczne wzornictwo

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Key qualities

Bezpieczne dla zdrowia

Bez składników trujących, nietoksyczny, hipoalergiczny oraz bezzapachowy materiał octanu etylenu i winylu (EVA)


Zaawansowana całoroczna ochrona podłogi przed wodą, brudem i kurzem bez utraty wyglądu oraz funkcjonalnych cech

Dopasowane do indywidualnych upodobań

250+ kombinacji kolorystycznych stworzonych by podkreślić styl i estetykę wnętrza każdego samochodu

Unikalny kształt komórek wewnątrz dywaników

Komórki o kształtach Rombu oraz Plastra Miodu umożliwiają bezpieczne utrzymywanie do 2 litrów płynów i brudu

Our Clients

Zobacz jak wyglądają dywaniki EVA naszej produkcji w samochodach tych, którzy nam zaufali

Czym różnią się dywaniki EVA od tych, które obecnie masz w samochodzie?

Regular car mats

EVA car mats

Spread dirt across the car cabin

Collect and store dirt inside the cells

Heavy, hard to clean up

Up to 5 times lighter, easy to clean up

Move across the car cabin, get in a wrong position

Are perfectly fixed with original fasteners and velcro straps 

Wear out fast, shortly lose their original look

Are durable, keep their visual appearance good for a long time

Size and fit are far from perfect

Tailor-made for your car, fit perfectly

Look identically, little to no customization options

Possibility to choose and build your own design from a variety of color combinations

Right foot slips while driving in wet shoes, the mat is usually worn out to holes in heel area

Anti-slippery heel plate on driver's mat always keeps the foot stable and protects the mat from wearing out

Change their physical conditions with temperature swings właściwości fizykochemiczne przez wahania temperatury

Are resistant to temperature swings

Porównaj swój dywanik samochodowy z dywanikiem EVA

Porównaj swój dywanik samochodowy z dywanikiem EVA

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Highest Quality of Materials

We produce only from the highest quality materials which have successfully passed durability and performance tests. Therefore, you can expect a remarkable all-season performance of your mat set

Perfectly sized car mats

We collect all car-floor templates ourselves to ensure the best possible fitting of our mats. Properly sized rugs made of supreme material do not only look good; they utilize their functional characteristics in full what guarantees a complete floor protection from water, dirt and dust

Wyprodukowane wyłącznie pod konkretne auto

Każdy komplet jest wyprodukowany indywidualnie na naszej fabryce w Warszawie na podstawie ręcznie zebranych szablonów podłogowych biorąc pod uwagę wszystkie specyficzne cechy podłogi (m.in. tunele środkowe, mocowania, wielopoziomowość 3D), szczegóły każdego auta (typ nadwozia, markę, model, rocznik, skrzynię biegów, model nadwozia itd) oraz życzenia klienta. Oto dlatego nasze dywaniki EVA chronią do 98% podłogi w porównaniu do 60-70% chronionych przez oryginalne dywaniki od producenta samochodu.

Handmade in Poland

Dywaniki EVA są wykonywane ręcznie w naszym zakładzie produkcyjnym w samym sercu Warszawy. Produkcja pełnego zestawu dywaników samochodowych od podstaw trwa do 5 dni roboczych. Aby zapewnić najwyższą jakość, nasz wewnętrzny zespół kontroli produktów sprawdza każdy dywanik pod kątem ewentualnych wad i przeprowadza testy funkcjonalne przed dostawą.

Attention! Beware of counterfeit!

Several companies and individuals on e-commerce platforms (Allegro, OLX.pl, Ebay, Amazon) positioning their products as mats from ethylene-vinyl acetate use cheap Chinese materials made of poor-quality components in order to cut the prices. Buying from them may result in shorter expected life of the mat as well as deviations of desired functional characteristics, namely durability, wear resistance and holding capacity, what in its turn may lead to inside-the-car water and dirt accumulation. We recommend buying only from the official trusted producers which operate fairly and offer Certificates of Warranty.

Official Warranty

Jeśli w ciągu 6 miesięcy If within 6-month period something goes wrong (and Terms & Conditions of the Warranty are met), we will exchange your mats set.

Found a production defect?

Your mat does not fit properly?

6 months have not passed?

We will exchange Your set for a new one

Używamy tylko Ekologicznego Opakowania

EVA Dywaniki company wants to reduce the environmental impact of its packages and help customers make more sustainable choices. The package we use to pack every order, as well as most of the supplies used in the production process are either recycled or ecological. This reflects our core values and vision regarding the future, as striving to become eco-friendly is the least we can do for our Planet.

You are paying for superior quality, authenticity and exceptional performance

Create your own original mat look by exploring the color palette of polymer material and edging


od 209 zł

Still hesitate
whether EVA mats are worth the money?

I can buy a cheaper alternative.

You absolutely can, but we believe that the pleasure from premium quality lasts longer than the delight from low price. Good cars deserve products of the best quality and functionality. EVA provides both without sacrifice in style and look. If you are searching for mats that outperform rubber and velour in all of the above - EVA mats are your choice.

What makes my mat worse than the one made from EVA ?

Conventional mats are heavy, non-resistant to temperature changes and in most cases behave like the wash-tubs with water sliding from side to side. The water, dirt and dust accumulate, soak into pants, stain the shoes. Rubber mats harden in low temperatures during winters, and stink during summers. Velour mats, on the other hand, are good at absorbing water and dirt what usually leads to a smell of dampness inside the car. Washing them resolves the issue, however, after 5 shampoo clean-ups the mats lose their original stylish look. In contrast, EVA mats made from high-quality Sevilen are light-weight, resistant to -50 °C to +50 °C temperature swings and have no smell. Thanks to the rhombus and honeycomb 8mm-height structural pattern, water, dirt and dust get firmly stored inside the cells what eliminates any contact with the shoes. Finally, the surface tension effect caused by the cell shapes guarantees that fluid substances will stay in-place regardless of shakes, jumps and tight turns your car might be experiencing.

Give me some practical facts regarding EVA mats.

Well, for example, one mat could contain up to 2 liters of water, without pouring it into the cabin of Your car. Same goes for melting snow and ice. Rugs made of EVA material are really easy to clean. Check out our videos on Instagram or Youtube: just pull the mat out of the car, shake out the dirt (gently hit it from the back 3-5 times) and your mat is ready to be placed back. Furthermore, the material is able to handle the temperature swings from -50 °C to +50 °C. We know, the climate in Polish regions may be tricky sometimes, but our mats, which were born in the heart of Warsaw, are totally ready to withstand it.

What if I have received a faulty set ?

We are all people and we all sometimes make mistakes, although we strive to reduce their number to a minimum. Still, if you have received a defective set, or a set which fits badly size-wise in Your car - just contact us and, after checking and confirming the defect, we will gladly produce a new set for you.

Create flawless cleanliness and enrich the interior of your car

Create flawless cleanliness and enrich the interior of your car

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